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Affiliate Dashboard Tutorial


Enter your affiliate dashboard. In the menu Click SXM Affiliate > Affiliate Dashbard

Click here to enter the dashboard.


Once you are in the dashboard you will want to click Creatives to get your unique link.

Click here for the direct creatives page.


Get your unique affiliate link. By default this link goes to our home page.

Your affiliate link will end in ?wpam_id=(your id #)

Use this link to track link clicks, sales, visitors & transactions.

Click here for the direct creatives page.

04 Optional

Create a link anywhere to our website for tracking.

Example: I want to link my FB All Inclusive post to the all inclusive page.
The link for the all inclusive page would be but this link won’t track your clicks & sales.

You can either generate your referral link or just add ?wpam_id=(yourid#)

Result: My affiliate link would be

05 Optional

Make your link shorter for sharing.

Once you get your affiliate ID link you can make it shorter using

I used and got the link This bitly link still directs customers to my affiliate tracking link.

Additional Notes

If you’re still having trouble please use the FB button on the bottom of this screen to send us a message.

Tracking Policy: We track your user link clicks for up to 30 days. Meaning, if someone clicks on your link today and they come back to our site within 30 days we will still be able to track your sale. They don’t have to come back again using your affiliate link.


Affiliate Program: We are still working and putting together the affiliate program & pay outs. Once we have this ready you will receive an email from us with the details!


Marketing & Sales: Contact us if you need help with marketing via FB messenger.